Juan De Dios is Coming To New York & Boston!

The Afro Cuban Dance Master of Masters, Juan De Dios, is coming to NYC & Boston on May 8th, 2012!  Mark your calendars and tell your friends.

A celebration of Afro-Cuban Dance & Music and the Roots of Salsa, including, Amazing Master Classes, Inspirational Performances, Uplifting Social Gatherings with members of Raices Profundas, Opportunities for personalized instruction and advanced research.

However, based on the complications involved with bringing Cuban artists, this is a “last minute” endeavor.  It wasn’t until this week that we were told YES, that they could come.  Since that moment, a group of us have come together to create the best homage we can for this living legend…in one week!  To show our love and respect for Juan, we have put tremendous collective energy into creating this celebration.

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All Workshops will include Simultaneous Dance & Percussion Groups for Dancers & Musicians:

  • DANCE GROUPS for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Dancers
  • PERCUSSION GROUPS for Intermediate & Advanced Musicians

Join us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the masters!

  • Juan de Dios Ramos; Master instructor, dancer, choreographer & director of “Raices Profundas”
  • Onaily de la Caridad “Dori” Rojas; Top female dancer of “Raices Profundas”
  • Manley “Piri” Lopez; Renowned percussionist of “Raices Profundas” & “Los Chinitos”

Click Here For The Schedule!

But we cannot do it without your help!  

There are still huge costs to cover, and lots of work to be done to make this tour the best it can be.  Please consider making a contribution or signing up to volunteer your time (promoting and staffing the events, providing food, or in other areas).

To contribute $100 in support of
Juan De Dios‘ tour, click here .

If you would like to contribute a different amount instead, please click here!

Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated.  All contributors of $100 or more will be invited to attend one of the private donor events with the artists, plus receive a special autographed photo gift, and recognition on our website.  Additional opportunities for contributors of different amounts coming soon!

Brought to you by:

  • MetaMovements & The ProjectCUBA Team
  • Ibiono Cultural Association
  • Marazul Dance & Music Cultural Trips to Cuba
  • PrimeArts
  • MT Arts Connections

Sponsored by:

  • Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance
  • Raphael Entertainment
  • Ryles Jazz Club & DJ Rob Suave
  • Rosie Quinones “Celebrating the Roots of Salsa” Performance Program
  • The Masacote School
  • The Center for Cuban Studies
  • Marazul Charters

Special Thanks to the NYC & Boston Afro-Cuban Instructors for all of their support:

  • Yesenia Selier
  • Danys “La Mora” Perez
  • Jennifer Donello
  • Xiomara Rodriguez
  • Reynaldo Gonzalez

Extra Special Thanks to our early contributors…without you, this would be impossible!

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We need YOU to join the team!

For more information, to donate or become a volunteer, contact us at:

617-286-META (6382)